Big Don’ts When Buying A New Saddle

Buying a saddle for a horse can get a bit challenging. Material quality, construction, and design, and so many saddles to choose from. How to pick the right one? The first mistake riders make is already in the first phase when they’re thinking about buying a new saddle. That’s why you need to check our list of things you shouldn’t do while trying to find a suitable saddle for your horse.

Checking If The Saddle Fits After The Purchase

Now, this is probably the most common mistake riders make when buying equipment for their horse. Every horse’s back is different so it’s really necessary to check the suitability before you spend your money. However, for some reason, many people will buy a saddle and then try to see if it will fit their horse or not. Don’t you find that a bit odd? Yes, you may know your horse as you ride it every day but that doesn’t mean the saddle you want to buy will fit him perfectly. Let’s not forget that a saddle that is not suitable for your horse’s back can harm his comfort and back health.

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Buying The Same Saddle Your Coach Uses

There is no doubt about the level of expertise when talking about horse riding coaches but deciding to buy the saddle just because your coach has the same one is not a good choice. Why? Well, you and your coach aren’t riding the same horse. If the coach gives you advice on what saddle to purchase, always double check it. Your horse’s comfort and health should be the priority! Also, some coaches will suggest buying a certain type of saddle because it’s been their favourite for years now. But, their favourite saddle might not be a suitable choice for your horse.

Relying On A Friend’s Opinion

This is similar to the previous one but with friends, we’re emotionally connected so we tend to question their opinion even rarer. If your friends ride too, most of your conversations are about the equine world. Talking about experience or your ambition and sharing memorable moments is one thing but talking about what’s best for YOUR horse is something else. We don’t want to imply that your friends or coaches have bad intentions. On the contrary, we have all given suggestions to someone which were probably not the best solution at that time. Hearing an opinion should help you make a decision but your judgement is the most important factor!

Buying A Saddle From The Closest Seller

You’ve probably been to his store several times and he has such great equine products so you want to buy the saddle from him. After all, the whole local horse community always talks about the quality of all his products so you won’t even think about it twice. He is your guy for this! Or maybe not? Just because you want to maintain good relationships with everyone in the equine community doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own opinion and choices. Whether it’s a hand-crafted store or just a regular one selling popular equine brands, always make sure you that your purchase suits your horse perfectly.

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Trusting Famous Names

We’re probably all guilty of doing that when shopping for other items as well. We see the name of a person we admire for some reason, whether he’s an athlete or a celebrity, and we can’t wait to purchase that product. And yes, most of the times we know it makes absolutely no sense but it feels great to have it at home, right? This is something you definitely shouldn’t do with saddles. The saddles with famous names are probably good but are they good for your horse? Remember that the higher price here stands for the famous rider not the quality of the saddle.

You’ve Seen In The Magazine

Going through the latest issue of your favourite equine magazine and there it is! This beautiful saddle on even more beautiful horse on a location that simply takes your breath away. Before you run off to buy it, try to understand that it is just an ad in the magazine. It’s supposed to be perfect. However, magazine ads and reality are two different worlds. Don’t try to turn your life into that ad. Instead, make sure you and your horse feel like you two are in your own world that doesn’t need fancy commercials or ads to be amazing!

How To Buy A Saddle:

  1. Set your budget.
  2. Research fair prices.
  3. Purchase from a reputable retailer.
  4. Read up on saddle types.
  5. Determine what the saddle’s main use will be.
  6. Choose leather or synthetic.
  7. Buy a saddle that fits your horse’s build.
  8. Observe your horse’s response to the saddle.


All in all, buying a saddle can really be hard if you’re letting others decide for you. It will have a negative impact on your horse, yourself and your riding performance. It’s really not worth it! Make sure your horse get the equipment that is suitable for him. A great rider doesn’t just mean you’re great while riding your horse and attending competitions, it’s how you take care of your horse that counts!

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