Horse Riding for Children


As a horse person, it is only a matter of time when you’ll have the opportunity to share your love for horses with your children. Knowing how much you’ve benefited over the years from horse riding, you’re probably looking forward to passing that enthusiasm to your young ones. And why shouldn’t you? It’s a great workout for the mind and body, and your children will enjoy spending time with their new friend.

Horse riding teaches them so much, from making a connection with another being, responsibilities, discipline to healthier habits and fulfilled life. It’s never too late to suggest it to your kids. As a parent, you obviously want them to be involved in these type of activities instead of being bored at home watching TV or playing video games.

Why do children love horses?

Well, most children don’t just love animals, they adore them! From the small ones like puppies and cats to bigger ones like horses. And when they try horse riding for the first time in their life, they will instantly fall in love with it! There is something about the feeling of power and freedom such animal represent to a young child. Horses make them feel important, valuable and teach them how control can be a good thing if you know how to use it.

But, let’s face it, children will never name these reasons. They will be thrilled about having their giant yet incredibly cute friend that makes them feel like they could conquer the world. With horse riding, they learn so much about the balance between freedom and control, love and discipline, friendship and partnership.

No matter the reason, you should definitely introduce your kids to the world of horses. You love it and they will too, maybe even more than you! Let them start with it in their younger age as they will always have their safe zone later in life. And a lifelong friend who will keep all of their secrets.

Numerous benefits

All these benefits you would name for yourself, your children will enjoy as well. It will significantly improve their health condition and the way they feel about themselves and their body. There are so many positive effects that horse riding has for children. We bring you some of the most significant ones!

Reduces stress

Horse riding will help your kids to learn how to deal with stress in their life. Unfortunately, these youngsters are not protected from everyday stress and they’re exposed to all kinds of pressure. As horse riding physically boosts the cardiovascular system, that results in reducing the level of stress your kid might feel. It’s really never too early to start preparing them for the world and with an entertaining activity like this one, they will never feel obligated to learn. They will simply enjoy their rides and have fun while learning at the same time!

Physical aspect

Horse riding improves coordination as there are many movements that need to happen simultaneously while riding. Also, to achieve the right posture as a rider, the core strength is very important and it improves with each ride. Together with the core muscles, the inner thighs and pelvic muscles are constantly active while horse riding. It helps with good overall muscle tone and flexibility for the whole body.

Psychological aspect

Horse riding has therapeutic qualities as well. In this digital world, there’s a strong possibility that your child will spend hours on the Internet or watching TV. With horse riding, they are outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and surrounded by beautiful nature. This will greatly boost their general wellbeing. Also, horse riding teaches them a lot about patience and dedication and if they want to be better at something, they have to commit to it.

It’s fun!

With horse riding, your kids are always active, even when they are not on their horse’s back. They can help with taking care of horses and stables. Beside it’s a good physical exercise, it’s so much fun!

Horse riding can be a great social sport as many kids are taking riding lessons together. What’s a better way to make new friends that over love for horses?

After your child learns the basic technique of riding, you’ve ensured that your baby girl or boy has a lifelong hobby!


Enrol your children into a horse riding class and let them experience something completely different from having a pet or visiting the zoo. Spending time with horses will teach them so much about these animals but also about themselves. As a parent, you’ll be sure you did the best thing for them as soon as they finish the first riding class with a huge smile on their face!

Have your children already started with the horse riding lessons? What are the things you would like to tell other parents who are still having second thoughts? Share your experience with us!

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