Facts about Sand Colic

    Every horse owner is horribly familiar with the word, colic.  It is something dreaded by owners and riders because, despite the best management practices, colic can strike even in the most well-managed yards. Why are horses prone to colic? A small stomach and an enormously long hind gut with plenty of twists and […]

Feeding Horses in winter

Saving Tips Many horse owners dread winter time.  It’s not just the short days and endless dark hours but the cold and wet and increased costs, particularly if your horse lives out 24/7 during the summer months.  It is generally thought that horses require more hard feed in the winter months.  It is certainly true […]

5 horse feed tips

Confused by the plethora of different horse feeds? Not sure which one to buy for your horse or whether you can mix them up?   There is too much advice available online, everyone swearing by their own feeds, it’s so hard to find anything impartial that isn’t trying to flog you a brand.   This […]

Caring for old horses

As horses grow older, the way we care and feed them needs to change. Similar to people, older horses will experience more health problems but, luckily, with adequate care, their lives grow longer. To prevent as many health issues as possible, we bring you useful tips and tricks that will help you give your horses […]

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