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Eskadron Platinum Gaiters Soft Tendon Boots Faux Fur ### 2 Pieces * Eskadron Platinum Gaiters Soft Tendon Boots Faux Fur * 1680 Denier Outer Fabric * with Easy Care Synthetic Lambskin * Limited Edition The ESKADRON Gaiters Soft Tendon Boots Fauxfur of the current Platinum collection. The Faux fur synthetic lambskin developed by Eskadron is deceptively real, soft and cuddly, but easy to clean compared to real lambskin. The fur cushions in combination with the breathable PU liner and protects effectively with the robust 1680 denier outer fabric. The gaiter is refined with a subtle ornamental pattern on the glossy Velcro fasteners. The Platinum Edition of ESKADRON is an exclusive and highly limited edition! Noble materials give the products a very elegant look. Please understand that products in this collection are not designed for daily training or extreme stress and should also be treated sensitively when washing, so that you can enjoy it for a long time. * Material: 100% polyester. * Washing: washable up to 30 °C.