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Horseware fly blanket AMIGO Bug Buster Vamoose * tail flap * belly bib * chest closure: T-chest closure for a calm and satisfied horse - the AMIGO Bug Buster Vamoose from Horseware with natural insect repellent! The fly-repellent impregnation is odourless and colourless, non-toxic to horse and rider, does not rub off and lasts for about 25 washes. The close-meshed material with the comfort cut Leg Arches provides excellent protection when keeping stable, willow and paddock. The Horseware fly blanket features three belly buckles, the original front closure with two chest buckles and a detachable neck piece that is adjusted by two Velcro fasteners. The fly blanket is also equipped with a large tail flap. * Material: 100% polyester (treated with permethrin) * Wash: washable up to 30°C SizeWeight| side length ---|--- 125 cm| -| 102 cm 130 cm| -| 103 cm 140 cm| -| 109 cm 145 cm| approx. 2.4 kg| 110 cm 155 cm| -| 112 cm 160 cm| -| 112 cm