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Horseware RAMBO Ionic Transport and Stable Blanket * Cross Surfacing * Back Seam * Inner: Smooth Chest Closure: * T-Chest Closure RAMBO Ionic - Negative ions for positive energy. Ring-spun polyester with sweating function, printed with RAMBO Ionic technology. The material of the Horseware blanket has a high sweating function and is very durable. The blanket can be used as a transport and stable blanket before and after movement to promote the well-being of the horse. The inside of the material is printed with a crystal known as tourmaline. In powder form, this releases negative ions. These negative ions cause a change in the water molecules in the horse's body, which improves blood circulation to important areas such as muscles. As a result, oxygen is transported to the muscles and toxins are removed from the body. For use before movement, to prepare muscles and after movement to remove lactic acid produced by movement. The Ionic transport and stable blanket from the RAMBO line is equipped with chest closure and a size- adjustable cross strap. RAMBO Ionic promotes: \- improvement of blood circulation \- stimulation of metabolism \- improvement of oxygen supply to cells and tissues \- strengthening the immune system \- Recovery of pH balance \- lowering blood pressure \- removal of toxins in the body * Material: 100% polyester Size| Weight | Side length ---|--- 125 cm| -| 86 cm 145 cm| approx. 1.65 kg| 95 cm 165 cm| -| 101 cm