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The bridle Ergonomic Line by kieffer is a chic simple bridle bridle with combined noseband and simple leather headband. The headpiece is pleasantly soft padded, the buckles are made of chrome. The bridle Ergonomic Line by kieffer is delivered including reins of webbing. Without denture.Best raw materials first-class workmanshipKieffer has been buying his bridle leather for many years from the best TANries in Italy. For bridle production only cowhide is used. The bridle leather is tanned vegetable. This means that only natural and ecologically readily degradable tanning agents may be used to make the leather durable, supple and tensile. Elaborate and time-consuming processing methods are required in the TANries, so that the leather meets the high quality requirements. Only the extra soft padding elements on the bridle are made of goat nappa leather, because this leather is soft and supple, but also robust and durable.Leather is a natural product and convinces with different uses and proper care by its longevity.Beats and bucklesKieffer uses 100% stainless steel fittings and buckles. Depending on the model, these are available in a color matching chrome or brass color. There are no cheap iron fittings used.