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Wintec Schooling Pad Comfort Plus-H * Schooling Pad Comfort Plus-H by Wintec * Shock Absorbing * Highly Elastic The Schooling Pad Comfort Plus-H by Wintec is a pad made of highly elastic, shock-absorbing high-tech material that cannot slip under the saddle. The wedge-shaped thickening in the rear saddle area lifts the saddle and helps to compensate for slight adjustment errors, it absorbs strong shocks even better. The moulded saddle chamber guarantees best air circulation and avoids pressure on the withers and back vertebrae. Soft tapered end edges ensure a pressure- free transition on the shoulder. Dimensions: back length: approx. 49 cm, shoulder width: approx. 50 cm, front thickness: approx. 1.1 cm, back thickness: approx. 2.5 cm.