Ride High With This Matching Horse and Rider Gear Set


Whether you’re training, competing, or just having a fun relaxing ride together with your beloved four-hoofed best friend, wearing matching horse riding outfits will always make you stand out wherever you both are! At Horseright, we have everything you need to look good and feel good while on horseback. From the best saddle pad to the most stylish breechers, listed below are our top equestrian items to wear and match with your horse.

ESKADRON’s Classic Sports Saddle Pad

What are all the cool horses wearing today? Introducing ESKADRON classic sports saddle pad, a practical riding accessory for your horse. It comes with a breathable saddle pad design that’s suitable for show, recreational riding or stable use. It features a glossy upper, voluminous big square quilting with double cord and crystal lettering on either side of the paddle. The saddle is machine washable for up to 30 degrees Celsius. Made with 100% polyester, this saddle pad is very durable, easy to wash, and dry.  

ESKADRON Classic Sports fleece bandages

Give your horse a stylish makeover with this ESKADRON classic sports fleece bandages. Made of 100% polyester, these fleece bandages are durable and machine washable – perfect for stable and training use. It also comes with high-quality velcro fastener for quick and easy covering. Ideal for anyone who likes to dress themselves and their horse into a more sporty style. The bandage is available in two colors: beige and black. Purchase includes 4 pieces.

BLACK FOREST Softshell Breeches Zermatt

What better way to match your outfit with your horse’s with this Softshell Breeches by Black Forest? Fashionable and made with high-quality elastic material, these breeches are so comfy you wouldn’t even feel like you’re wearing one. It’s also wind and water repellent and provides great thermal insulation for those slightly chilly days. It has a decorative stitching and pebble designs on the zipper pocket and rear saddle. And an embroidered logo on the front and back for an elegant chic look. With such a sporty design, it shows that dressing for comfort can always look nice when you wear the right piece.

Cheval De Luxe Riding And Leisure Jacket Anny

I adore this beautiful Anny Leisure Riding Jacket by Cheval De Luxe for a sporty approach to riding wear. It fits perfectly with the rest of the set. Available in colors turquoise and blue green, this riding jacket features a detachable hood and two-way zipper up the front. It’s 100% Polyamide on the exterior and interior and has a 100% polyester sleeve.

Eskadron Classic Sports Fly Hood Artwork

If you’ve got a serious fly problem, this hood is the perfect stylish solution. Made with elastic ear guards that offer protection against flies and a stylish design that matches the rest of the set, this Artwork fly hood is the perfect head accessory to the ensemble. It’s made with %100 cotton and can be machine washable for up to 30 degrees Celsius.

Who doesn’t love matching with their horses? We hope you found this set a perfect addition to your riding wear collection. Also, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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